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What are UTM Links?

UTM Links, short for Urchin Tracking Module Links, are specially formatted URLs that contain parameters to track and analyze the performance of online marketing campaigns. These parameters help you understand where your website traffic is coming from. UTM Links are commonly used with Google Analytics, a web analytics service, to provide detailed insights into your website's traffic sources and campaign effectiveness.

What is UTM Source?

UTM Source is a parameter in a UTM link that specifies the source of your website traffic. It indicates where the link was placed, such as a social media platform, email newsletter, or a specific website.

What is UTM Medium?

UTM Medium is another parameter in a UTM link that describes the medium or type of traffic source. It provides more context about how users arrived at your website, whether it was through organic search, paid advertising, email, or other channels.

What is UTM Campaign?

UTM Campaign is a parameter that helps you identify a specific marketing campaign or promotion associated with the UTM link. It's useful for tracking the success of different marketing initiatives or advertising campaigns.

What is UTM Term?

UTM Term is an optional parameter in a UTM link that allows you to specify keywords or terms related to the link. It's often used in paid search advertising to track the effectiveness of specific keywords in driving traffic.

What is UTM Content?

UTM Content is another optional parameter in a UTM link that helps you differentiate between different versions or variations of the same link. This can be useful when you want to track the performance of different ad creatives or content within a campaign.

How is my data stored?

Your data is stored locally on your device. Our UTM link generation and storage service does not retain or collect any user data externally. This means that all the UTM links and associated tracking parameters are generated and stored on your own device, ensuring your data privacy and control.